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May 15, 2005



Thank you Bogie! After 23 years I can still say this is a very special day. Surrounded by family and friends, WD and I made a commitment to one another that has been strengthened over the years by the good times and the bad. Fortunately, the bad times were never all that bad (I attribute that to WD's never ending patience) and the good times just keep getting better!

We have been if full "wedding mode" for the last week. WD worked all week on getting the basement into some semblence of neat and clean, while I have been working with CK to get the last of the "details" taken care of.(OK-that's just a nice way of saying I travel around with a credit card and checkbook to pay all the people needing money!)

I am so looking forward to seeing you and WS. What a great time I always have with you guys. I've got the Smirnoff Ice waiting, and will go get the beer if you tell me what kind!

Thanks again for the kind wishes.


Wow, you are prepared (having the Smirnoff Ice ready). WS likes Michelob Anything (full strength, light, ultra) or Rolling Rock. Definitely no Bud or Coors though!

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