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April 18, 2005


Cop Car

Sorry about your tomatoes, Bogie. The few times that I've tried to start tomatoes inside, they got leggy because they weren't getting enough light. You are so much more experienced at starting them, that I expect yours to come out perfectly. It IS curious that the peppers are doing fine. Call in Sherlock.


I don't have a problem with "leggy", I just have a problem with these guys trying to be super-plants. I suspect you try using a sunny windowsill to start plants inside. That just won't do the trick (I know some people clame to have success that way, but I've never actually seen it).

A grow light 2-3" from the leaf tops is just perfect. Plus, to get the stems to grow thicker, I shake the posts around, or blow on them for a couple of minutes (when the plants are still really small). I don't remember where I read this trick at, but it seems to help.

Cop Car

You are correct: I've never had a grow light (although you'll recall that your grandmother had lots of them in her basement!) Wonder how MY grandmother did it? She started her tomatoes in a leaky old enameled steel wash basin. Can't remember where she placed them--in the cellar? (This was in her old house. You probably don't even remember the last house that she had, do you? In her old house, Dad had just wired in overhead lights in each room and a few electrical outlets so that Grandma could plug in her radio in any of the four rooms. And she did buy an electric iron--a really small one. I think she had an electric stove in her later house, but I don't recall for sure.)


We're expecting a return to cold weather here for the end of the week, so I'll get to use my fireplace at least once more before I have to clean it out for the season.

Hopefully, we'll have some rain along with that colder weather. Our little area has been a microcosm of drought for the past few years, so we can use all the rain we can get. We have clay based soil here, so I totally understand your comment about having to wait to get into the gardens.


We are in need of some rain to. We haven't had a drop since the flooding a month ago. Everyday, the local news reports 5-7 wildfires in the state (fortunately, they are a lot smaller around here than in the west).

The concrete jungle of Nasua hit 92 degrees yesterday (at home, the high 80's). Today we will be in the low 50's.

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