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April 10, 2005



Sounds like you had a wonderful few days!


...fried cheescake - sounds...actually it sounds horrible :^)...


Billy, Billy, Billy - when the word "fried" is front of the name of any desert-type food, it instantly sounds great. Let's give it a try: Fried Ice Cream (mmm, good), Fried Cheesecake (mmm, good - take my word for it), Fried Brownie Sundae (um, um, um actually that sounds horrible).

Lulu - I did, very much so.

Cop Car

Bogie--You may have my fried dessert. I'm with Billy! About the only thing that I really want fried (but I have to take off the skin, then, to get rid of the grease) is fried chicken--well--and chicken-fried steak!


We must be thinking along the same lines. I have a picture to post of crocus from the garden at the front door that have been transplanted about 50 feet away to the side of a path. Darned little beggers, stealing our bulbs!

About Lois McMaster Bujold, she has several wonderful fantasy books out. I'm pretty sure you would enjoy "The Curse of Chalion." I'm just about ready to order the sequel to it. But, if you have never read her series about Miles Vorkosigan, you are missing some of the best writing around. I think there are about ten books, and when I read the tenth, I mourned because it seemed the story had come to an end. If you decide to read them, try to read the story chronologically. It will help, because Miles goes from a teen to an adult in the series. If you're like me, you won't be able to put the books down.


Fried cheesecake!!? Yikes!
Have you tried fried Oreos yet? Or fried Snickers bars? I hear they're good but never had 'em. (yet)

Glad to meet another bird lover/feeder/watcher - I keep my feeder filled - my little piglet birds are just tearing through it these days!

Have a great day!

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