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April 20, 2005


Cop Car

Whew! That's a relief! I had a mental picture of your taking all of the attention away from the bride and groom by wearing your birthday suit. Glad that you found something that you like for such a reasonable price. You'll look super! Is WS also going to wear clothes?
Chadwick's of Boston used to send me catalogues to my work address in Albuquerque. Since I had never heard of them, I was really ticked. Making matters worse, they sent two copies of each edition. It took me a while to convince them that they should NOT send catalogues to my office. I was finally successful in getting them to quit sending me catalogues, at all, after about 15 years. I did order a few tops from them, but most of their stuff is for the younger crowd--in which I lost membership some time ago.


Gorgeous skirt! I think you should buy the shoes shown on the Chadwick's page to go with it.


Nice skirt, what size are you?


Jackie - I have a pair of shoes (off white) that will go with the outfit. Since I don't dress up very often (less than once a year), I get neutral shoes so they will go with just about anything.

Wendy - I got a small (good thing I didn't need a medium - they only had this skirt in large and small).


Cop Car - WS has a suit - hopefully it still fits him (I'm pretty sure it does).

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