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April 04, 2005


Cop Car

I'll send your posting on to HH. The Red Cross called, yesterday, to see if he would go to Pennsylvania. He hadn't, yet, done our taxes, so he said "no". (I had just given him MY tax stuff at Noon on your birthday. Aren't you glad that your present wasn't a bunch of tax papers?!)



Stay on high ground and I hope things get better soon!


My parents are such procrastinator's!

Monkey - Fourtunately the Bogie household is on a ridge so we don't usually have to worry about flooding. Worry about mudslides - maybe, flooding - no.

Cop Car

Yes, we are procrastinators; but, there's a good reason for procrastinating on our taxes. I always made it a practice to mail my tax package on 4/15 when I did my own taxes (up until the year after HH retired). It gave me more time to think of what I might have missed and it made it less likely that I would get audited (because it would arrive with the flood of mailed returns). Now, we hold off because the three limited partnerships in which I hold a few shares, invariably send out revised form 1099s. If we filed early, we would have to file a 1040X, many years. HH files electronically, now.

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