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April 03, 2005


Cop Car

Wow! A hardware store that is closer to you. What a birthday present, huh? Happy birthday, Bogie. Hope that you have a marvelous day and year and rest of your life!


Had a nice relaxing day - WS was gone most of the day and then came back to take me to dinner.

Cop Car

I know: You were in the back yard eating worms.


I've got no idea what that means - must be somthing out of my childhood that I'm probably glad I forgot.


Belated Birthday wishes, Bogie! It sounds like Mother Nature gave you a break for the day. Tell WS that I think getting a hardware store for your birthday is a pretty darned clever gift!

You ate worms when you were a kid??

Cop Car

Nobody ate worms at our house--that I know about! No, I was just getting this mental picture of Bogie sitting all alone on her birthday--poor, neglected, dejected woman. Eating worms is what one does when they are feeling neglected, dejected, and unappreciated. (I have it on good authority that even Bogie's parents failed to call to wish her a happy birthday. Bummer!)
I doubt that Bogie thought that time alone was punishment or felt dejected about it. Some of us enjoy a bit of solitude. (How does one get solitude with 3 cats, 2 dogs, and 2 birds demanding attention?)


I love my time alone! I piddled around the house, got some reading done and tried not to spoil the animals too much.

WS had to go into work to fix some major mistakes. He had stayed late Friday, went in Saturday and Sunday and stayed late Monday to work on them.

Unfortunately, he was giving the time to the company because he was the one that messed up (and no, they didn't ask him to do it - he did it on his own because he felt so bad).

However, even if he had been home, he would have been working on the Sportster or the sled, so it's not like I was missing out on anything while he was gone.

Cop Car

For what it's worth: It makes me proud to hear that WS takes responsibility for his own mistakes. You picked a winner!

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