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April 30, 2005


Cop Car

Great! It would be a shame to have your hard work belayed by winter. Our strawberries will be ready for me to start picking them, this week, I think. I've you to thank for our strawberries. Not having ever grown strawberries, your example served as strong encouragement. Thank you. Your hawk paragraph gets e-mailed to Elder Brother.

Cop Car

Correction: Strawberry season started today! In fact, a little critter had been there before me on a couple of nice, ripe berries. We should have a good crop of gooseberries since the bush is loaded with blossoms (they're falling off, now.)


Hope EB has an easier time of identifying it by our description than we did!

We were all excited last night because WS spotted a cardinal below the birdfeeder in the center of the driveway. We have never had a cardinal in our yard. We watched it peck around for a while before winging off.

Cop Car

How did you wing off? Syntax, dear, syntax. No, EB didn't have any more idea what you and WS saw than I did (or, at least that's what he wrote back). He did say that only a woman could have found a broad-shouldered hawk, though. (That was a jab at ME--lol.) I knew that he would enjoy the account. Now he'll read about your cardinal.

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