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April 26, 2005



No, I can't! Did the mechanic say why?
Maybe you should get a second opinion,especially if this is your dealership telling you this. Maybe they are trying to milk money out of you. Check with your state DMV to set what the criteria is for a car to pass inspection.


Lulu - Take a deep breath and repeat after me. "I will read the rest of the entry before blaming the poor guy/inspection station." And repeat until your blood pressure goes down. Then, do what the mantra tells you.

Cop Car

We need a type of time machine that the sci-fi writers haven't yet considered: one that retrieves the time we waste. I would still be a 5-year-old! Sorry, Bogie. Better luck after you get the stamp. (Up side? You had a blog bit!)


Damned petty bureaucrats! Too bad you can't charge her for your lost time.


Oops! Sorry!
That's what I get for reading late at night!


Cop Car - I like the time machine thing. Now that you have all this free time, I think you should start building one!

Buffy - I was thinking the same thing.

Susan - Done that myself before!

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