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April 09, 2005


Cop Car

You're making good progress, Bogie--particularly considering that you are weeks away from last frost date. Last frost date is breathing down our necks. It is only DAYS away, here. I've been spading and pulling weeds. Need to get some topsoil trucked in for between the houses. Want to put tomatoes there this year. The bleeding hearts are in bloom (not the fern-leaf, but the broad leaf kind) and are gorgeous! Also the redbuds (although our trees are still small). Peach blossoms have fallen off, as have pear blossoms, but the cherry blossoms haven't come out, yet. Oh, yes, the plums have bloomed. The dandelions and henbit have a bumper crop this year due to our mild winter. Don't let those holes suck you down to China. We want you here in for the wedding!


Yesterday, I climbed the mounds of snow and cleaned out the flower gardens next to the front of the house (yes I'm serious about the snow mounds). With the overhang from the house, the flowerbeds don't accumulate much snow, plus get some heat from the house, so thaw out faster than it seems they should.

I also cleaned out the lilies around the perimeter of the fence. Found masses of weeds and grass trying to invade, so spent quite a while pulling those out.

Then I raked the leaves out of the flower beds below the fence. The rest of the flower beds are still frozen and/or covered with snow, so it will be a while before I can clean them out.

Cop Car

They serviced our sprinkler system last week, so we are already into sprinkling mode. HH has mowed twice, already, and should have done it more often. It was awfully long, both times! I forgot to tell you what wonderful chipmunks you have. Most of us have to plant all of our own bulbs.

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