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March 08, 2005



I just watched the last episode of NYPD Blue last night. I honestly didn't think it would bother me as much as it did. The ending was bittersweet, making me wish it would continue on. I'm going to miss the show, particularly the characters like Andy and Greg.

The closing scene was particularly hard on me for a reason I'm still not sure about. At least the show went out on a good note and not because it was cancelled by the network.


"Garfield The Movie" is wonderful with perfect 3D graphic. Garfield in the movie is really a cool and smart cat who can dance admirably. When he went to the tall building to saved the dog Odie and went down, it was very cool! But it was so dangerous when he dropped down from the tall building.
The story line is superb and jokey, and the actress is very beautiful and cute. It was very incredible for Jon that the girl could love him, I also have the same feeling and the same experience with Jon.

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