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March 13, 2005


Cop Car

Your life may not seem exciting to you, but it seems pretty idyllic to some of us. You get to live the rugged, frontier life in 2005! (Twenty years from now the young whippensnapper will be complaining about some new guy who thinks he needs to speak to everything--you think? Probably not. He'll still be asking for the vote.)

I got started pulling weeds, yesterday. Since they've been growing all winter and are in full bloom, now, I'm a bit late getting started. My knee is giving me fits, so I had to cut it short, at that. I'll be building up some endurance (unless you want to come pull the weeds and do the yard work for me?)

P.S. I saw not only fruit trees in bloom on my walk, yesterday, but Forsythia. Some of the trees are already leafing out. (I only tell you these things so that you can be as jealous of us as I am of you and your snow!)


You come shovel and I'll come and pull weeds. I pulled a shoulder muscle or something about 10 days ago (shoulder blade area) and everytime it gets to feeling better, I have to go and mess it up by shoveling.

Cop Car

Probably, I would wrack my body really badly trying to do all of the shoveling that you do, Bogie. The bad thing about your shoveling chores is that you are not shoveling snow off of a nice, smooth surface (like concrete). My old bod probably is just getting lazier and more whiny no matter what the task set before it! (It will be exciting to see how my knee reacts to my workout this morning.)


...no snow :^(...not enough to make a snowman :^(...

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