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March 26, 2005


Cop Car

Good tale, Bogie (but "cupable"? I assume that you last an "l" someplace!) I'm e-mailing your enlightened views to your father.

Disgusting news: Expert Seamstress now has a central vacuum system in their Loveland home; but, she still has the vacuum that she and Elder Brother had when they first married. (It may be the only vacuum they ever had prior to moving into Loveland.) But you know them: They are so fastidious that they don't keep dinner or paper napkins in their house--never having needed one!

That vacuum is just like the one your father and I started with--a Hoover Constellation, I believe it was called. It's demise may have come so early that you no longer recall that we had it, but it had no wheels. It was globular, about 17" in diameter, and rested on a rubber ring. It didn't need wheels because the exhaust exited straight down, allowing the thing to hover on an air cushion. We've gone through at least 3 or 4 uprights and a like number of cannister vacuums since then.


Yep, that word was supposed to have another "l" in it.

I don't remember the hovering vacuum. Wish I did, it would be cool to see in action!

Cop Car

How kind of you not to chastise my "o" for turning into an "a".
P.S. I sent your posting on to HH last night. Just now he dropped in to say what a good writer you are and that you had used a couple of words that he was surprised you knew. Silly him. I'm not sure who would be the last standing if we had a family define-that-word-and-use-it-in-a-sentence bee. There are no slouches, I'd say. Your generation can certainly hold its own--and probably whup us elders.


We want a Dyson.

But at least mine has never given me as much trouble as you describe.


Cop Car - Um, Dad does realize I write for a living (not that I've written much lately and it seems I make databases for a living) and read voraciously right?

Jay - I really just want a maid, but I don't see that happening any time soon!


You speak the truth about vacuum cleaners. I once used one that is free of most of these irritations. I believe its brand name is Miele - but it costs about $1000.

Cop Car

Ronni--When we built this house, I wanted a really quiet dishwasher; but, the Miele dishwasher, too, was pricey. Well, when you want a Mercedes, you pay for a Mercedes. I got a Ford--LOL.

Bogie--What do YOU think? *sigh* Why he didn't cede word superiority to you and to Dudette, long ago, is beyond me. He probably has you two internalized as giggly girls in grade school (not a bad image!) Come to think of it--he probably didn't read as many of your school papers as I did so he didn't see you developing as a writer. You were always good at it. OTOH: He loves you both very much--always has. There never was a prouder father.


Ronnie - when I win Powerball, I'll look into buying one of those (or I'll look into a maid - whatever).

Cop Car - I think he just forgets. He seems surprised everytime we come down there and I tackle the crossword puzzle (after letting him have an appropriate amount of time with it).

Cop Car

In general, despite what "they" say about women's doing so, I cannot parallel process. (That is why I get distracted so easily--according to ME.) However, I do something akin to parallel processing when it comes to word puzzles--thinking of the many different meanings/ways of using the word. This seems to be something that is not second-nature to HH. He will miss those peripheral uses--especially if they're a bit off-the-wall. You, I'd bet, have no problem, at all, juggling the various uses/meanings--much more quickly than I could. Of COURSE you are good at crossword puzzles. (Just don't cross swords on them with my Elder Brother. He, or his bride, would whup our asses, handily! They are just plain smarter than I. Guess I must take pride in them as my relatives rather than being envious, huh?)


I have no doubt the EB and his bride would hand me my ass. I don't get to do crosswords nearly enough (I actually can't remember the last time I did one - maybe last fall). I am rusty and out of practice.

That being said, even if I managed to solve several crosswords a day, I don't think I would stand a chance against them!

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