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March 30, 2005


Cop Car

Glad that you are at least getting something dark under your fingernails, Bogie. Wouldn't want your hands getting too clean--LOL. Too bad that you have bears and such to worry about (well, it's kind of neat having them around, but for composting it's a problem).

At the foot of the steps from the back "porch" to the patio, I keep two 5-gallon buckets, one inside the other. I put the composting scraps into the bottom one. Critters can take off lids, but they haven't figured out how to lift one bucket out of the other. The top bucket is my weeding bucket. Of course, when I'm actually weeding, the bucket gets emptied onto the compost pile; but, if I just pull a few stragglers here and there, the weeds go into the top bucket until I get around to taking it out to the compost pile. Critters don't eat the the weeds!


I've never had bears mess with my compost - only bird feeders. I must not put any "good" stuff in it because nothing has ever disturbed the compost pile (except the yellow jacets that got drunk on fermenting pears).

Now that I have the enclosed compost bin, I don't expect that to change.

Cop Car

OK. I was implying stuff there that I wasn't saying. I had assumed (shame on me!) that you couldn't keep a compost bucket on your deck (during the boggy season) for fear of attracting bears. Bad assumption, huh? You probably DO keep a temporary bin--somewhere.


We're not covered in snow, but we're not growing a whole lot yet! I spent about five hours this week cleaning spent plants from two of the gardens, picking up wood from several downed trees, and generally making things neater. I still have a LOT to do, but we've had a spate of rain and heavy wind today. Spring is coming. I know it is!


Cop Car - If I had put the two paragraphs in context, I would have figured it out better! I do have a compost bin inside. But, I only keep eggshells, pepper seeds and dry-type stuff in there onece I can't find the big composter in the snow (about February this year). Actaully, I'm more worried about cats, dogs, raccoons and stinging insects being attracted to a compost pail if I put one on the deck.

Buffy - I'm still jealous! I'm just waiting for enough snow to melt for the crocus' to start blooming (or for me to see them - whichever).

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