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March 25, 2005



You've just reminded me that I am LATE to start my cherry and miniature pear tomatoes! Our planting date is May 15, but I'm never ready to get them into the ground that early. So, I'd say I have about 7 weeks or so. I might just make it.

I had the outside windows washed on Thursday, and then I took the car to be washed. You know what happened Thursday night, and Friday, and today, don't you? It rained and snowed and sleeted. There's no accumulation, and the windows still look reasonably good, but talk about timing!

I might as well get to work on the inside now. Good on you for being so diligent with your spring cleaning!

Cop Car

Ah, Bogie & Buffy, you are both disgusting. Spring cleaning? What's that?


Spring cleaning = getting rid of all the yuck from a winter cooped up with a wood stove and cigarette smoke! Fortunately its not as bad as it could be as often I would heat up the house, with the woodstove, way too much and have to open windows to let in cold air - thus let a lot of nasty gunk out.

Buffy - I probably planted way too early and will be fighting to find places for too tall plants. Never a problem with a greenhouse, but a major problem when using grow lights! Perhaps I can get WS to make a cold frame so at least I can move the leeks and onions outside while we are gone in May.

Cop Car

Forced air heating does have the advantage of filtering the air as it recirculates. We use the semi-expensive (sign wave 1100-rating), replacable filters and replace them monthly. Boy are the filters scuzzy when they come out! It shows how much we were missing when we were using the more inexpensive filters. I hate to think what we'd get with the REALLY expensive ones.

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