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February 23, 2005


Cop Car

The salesman who hadn't known about continuous cleaning hadn't been in the business for 20 years, had he? My gas range in Albuquerque had a continuous clean oven. I don't recall what the last gas oven on Sunrise was, although my gas range here has a cleaning cycle oven. My gas ovens don't get used for messy things, so I don't pay that much attention. Messy stuff gets cooked in the electric oven--a habit left over from the original Sunrise appliances.

You may recall that the only reason that we had an electric oven installed when we built the Sunrise house was that we couldn't find a gas range with an oven that had any type of cleaning capability (other than elbow grease.) Now it's just habit to use the electric oven in this house.


I couldn't remember why we had two ovens at Sunrise - but do remember that the electric oven was self-cleaning, so that makes sense.

Cop Car

And that poor, old self-cleaning electric oven was the only original kitchen appliance to survive the 35-year span to sale of the house. HH had given me a new range and hood for some birthday or anniversary a few years before we built here. (Hey! He owes me for that stove and hood from the sale price of the house. He kept my money--LOL!)

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