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February 20, 2005


Cop Car

Obviously, compared to me, you are a master gardener; but, I'll offer a tip, anyway. Remember when I lived in Albuquerque, but worked anyplace BUT Albuquerque? Especially with the dry air there, it was a challenge to keep my houseplants alive for the two-three weeks between my trips home. I learned to festoon them in dry cleaner plastic bags. I used staples (ordinary staples used for paper) and twist ties to close up the openings. Never lost a plant. I used the same method last Fall to keep my plants from dying while we were seeing you, WS, Buffy, etc on our vacation. Like you, I didn't think it fair to expect Wonderful Granddaughter to water everything. Might not work on seedlings (it does cut down, a little bit, on the light that they get), but that's my idea (for what it's worth).


You must really miss your greenhouse. Will you add one sometime in the future? I'd kill to have one attached to the house, but there's no place to add one where we have adequate sunlight. If we added a freestanding one, I'd have to add a sidewalk, and pave part of the drive so that Mother could walk to it.

Cop Car

We all love trees; but, the down side is that we don't have clear space for gardening or sun for plants. The lots that we bought to build this house were "perfect" in that they were clear prairie from the street back to within 100 feet (on the east side) or 200 feet (on the west side) of the creek. We have trees along the creek, but clear space to have gardens and sunlight for our windows. (Too bad that I'm too lazy to attack gardening as Bogie & Buffy do!)
Bogie and her WS have sun on their house, pretty much--considering that they are surrounded by forest.


Buffy - We well never have another attached greenhouse. Unfortunately, the only place to attach one is on the back side uder the eave. That is a horrible place to put one (as we found out) because icecycles tear the heck out of them. The old greenhouse "lasted" 10 years - but was literally ready to fall down when WS tore it down.

If we ever get to put up a garage (which would have to be detached and about 70 feet from the house), I might eventually get to attach a greehouse to that. But I won't hold my breath on either the garage or the greenhouse!


Cop Car - that sounds like a good tip. I'll keep it in mind!

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