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February 27, 2005


Cop Car

I didn't know that ranges came with cooking cycles--just like a microwave (does it have a "popcorn" setting?) The slow cook cycle sounds great for roasts, and the burners sound like they give you enough assortment to be really useful. How many BTUs do the burners put out at maximum? You are lucky that you don't have all of the clocks that we have in our kitchen (I would LOVE to kill them all!) There are glowing clocks on the gas range, the electric oven, the microwave, and there is an LCD clock on the radio. Every time the power burps, we have to reset 3 clocks in the kitchen, alone. (I don't bother with the one on the radio, since it is unobtrusive--and I don't know how to set it, anyway!)
Your old stove reminds me of cooking on a wood range--by guess and by gosh. Its virtue was that it kept your grey cells exercised! You were planning ahead: With your wood heating stove, you always have an "out" if the electronics won't let you use your gas range.


We have a timer on our ovens that has gone bad. I talked to the appliance repairman about getting it fixed, and he said the cost would be so high that it wasn't worth it. It's amazing how we adapt to the machines we own. I use the microwave timer, or a small magnetic timer now, and ignore the one on the oven. After 15 years we had to have one of the elements replaced. I figured the other would go soon, so I had them both done.

It sounds like you have a really up to date stove now. Congratulations!

Cop Car

If one is lucky, one may find a replacement element at a junk yard. I was able to replace one element of my Elegant Friends electric cooktop. But, that was back in the 1960s. I was replacing much of the wiring in the stove (her electric cooktop was heating on only two "burners" and, much like Bogie's gas burners, they weren't doing all that well). The guy from whom they had bought the house was an experimenter. He used the stovetop and oven for heating plastics--and who knows what sort of misshaps he had? (Note to Bogie: Hand Park was named after the experimenter's dad.)


CC - No popcorn cycle, which is fine since we rarely eat popcorn.

I taught WS how to use the oven last night (for general baking). He was hoping I wouldn't think to show him - LOL!

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