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January 15, 2005


Wichi Dude

And, you have all the Stargate shows to watch to top off all the other taping.
Same thing goes on here.

Cop Car

Think that I watched the first installment of "24" (and, maybe, even the second installment), but it didn't hold my interest and I forgot all about it.
I was really upset on Wednesday because the tape revealed some other program when a new installment of "West Wing" had been scheduled. Bah, humbug!
I did get to see (on The History Channel--HH knew that it was to be on) a program on the B-52. Since we have such a long history with the airplane in our family, it was interesting to see so much footage of the venurable old beast. Now they are planning to keep the B-52s flying into the 2040s. Anytime you get to thinking that you're getting older, just remember that the B-52s are older than you are--LOL.


We missed the premier of Battlestar Gallactica last night. DH wanted to watch the science shows covering the probe that was sent to Saturn's moon.

We used to be addicted to Farscape on the SciFi network (I wish they hadn't killed it off!), but the new Battlestar Gallactica hasn't drawn us. I understand there is a new version of Stargate, too. Dh likes Enterprise, the prequel to StarTrek, but we're hit or miss about watching it. The only other program we've followed regularly is Monk, on the USA network.

If I had all those programs to watch, I might not be able to get to all my blog friends!


Wichi Dude - We only have 3 or 4 episodes to watch of season 7 (the last season available). We have been slowly slogging our way thru the DVD's for over 6 months now.

Buffy - I had to tape the 1AM showing of Battlestar Galactica (Saturday morning) because I had thought the premier was next Friday. When we stopped the tape from watching the rest of 24, we found that I was wrong. Fortunately I thought to check to see if they were re-running it.

We started watching Stargate: Atlantis, but after about 3 shows, I wasn't getting into it and quit taping it.

Cop Car - Just thinking about the B-52 still being in service when I am almost 80 is a little daunting!

Cop Car

Bogie, if you think the B-52s's flying until you are nearly 80 is daunting, think about being half-past dead (as in my case!) BTW: I do know how to spell venerable (sometimes).


...24 is *evil*...I watched the first series and I lost a whole day that I will never get back (except it was less than a day - each hour is only 50 minutes long here in ingerland, we don't have advert breaks :^) )...but I hated the ending *so* much that I vowed never to watch another series...
...does this mean you aren't watching "lost"?...


No, we aren't watching Lost. In fact we haven't even seen a single episode of at least 95% of what is on the major networks and Fox. People start talking about TV series and I have no idea what they are talking about (in fact, I haven't even heard of most of them).

While we were watching football last night, they showed a preview for Numb3rs. That is something that looks interesting but it will be hard enough trying to watch 4 hours of taped stuff, let alone a 5th show. So, we won't be seeing that one!

Heck, we are already behind; we haven't had time to watch the 3 hours of recorded stuff we had as of Saturday morning (we watched football instead), and another episode of 24 needs to be taped tonight.


...but I'm assuming you enjoyed the football :^)...


Now we are 4 hours behind as I got home late from work (7:30), WS had a Chiropratic appointment at 7:30 (not getting home until 8). Then the phone rang and he was on the phone until 8:30.

We go to bed at 9, so didn't have time to watch any of the shows recorded and the VCR recorded a show while we were asleep.

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