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January 17, 2005


Cop Car

Glad you found something that fits. If you've not already done so, the next time you look at jeans you might want to try on "talls". You may need to do something about the length of the leg, but they shouldn't pull at the crotch. I no longer wear jeans, at all, but I switched to "tall" sizes in jeans and pants when I was about your age (age has nothing to do with the fit, of course) and found that they fit MUCH better. I still buy "talls" in pants.

(One salesgirl in Albuquerque (circa 1985) gave me to understand that I was NOT tall when I walked into the "Tall Girls" store and asked to see a pair of pants. Needless to say, I was aware of that.


I usually try on the tall and average lengths anyway.


Hooray for you—and Lands End. I guess our local Kmart might have them soon (since I believe Lands End is somehow part of the Sears megamerger). I was going to suggest men's jeans. Seems like you could just try a Lee's or Wrangler's in the right waist size and be good to go?


Hooray! Do you get all of Land's End's catalogs? I'm sure they will be happy to send them to you, and I suspect the cut must be pretty consistant over the range of their inventory. I was astonished to find that they had a bathing suit that I could wear, this past summer.

I tend to like Land's End and L.L. Bean. They are both great at customer service.


I can't remember whether I get their catalogs or not because I don't usually clothes shop thru the mail. Doesn't matter though, now that I know their jeans fit, I can get thrm thru the website.

However, I don't think they should be holding their breath; It will be another several years before I buy jeans again.


Good find, Bogie!

Since I dropped my excess poundage I find I can comfortable wear the WalMart specials that usually sell for less than $12. No more $30-$40 fat man's customs for me!!

Millie Garfield

What a great post! I hate shopping in a mall. Before I even go into the store i want to quit. Until I find something I even want to try on it takes time, then I have to find my way to the fitting room and as you said, the room might not be available. There are no shopping carts in the department stores and if you are lucky enough to find things that you want to try on, you have to carry the items. I am tired even before I get into the fitting room.

My favorite place for shopping is in MY CLOSET!!!



DCE - Besides the fit, the Jordache were sold by Walmart at about $14 - just perfect until they decided to go after the teenie-bopper crowd and change the style completely!

Millie - I know what you mean!

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