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January 08, 2005


Cop Car

Unfortunately, I have received a few of these. I have forwarded each of them (from the "preview" state, without "opening", and with a comment that it looks like a scam to me) to [email protected]. I should also file a complaint at www.ftc.gov; but, I'm not sure what they can do about off-shore stuff (which most of the ones I receive are, I believe). The FTC site, www.ftc.gov/idtheft, tells how to minimize risk of damage if one is a victim of ID theft.
I think that I clipped the above US government e-mail addresses and the US government web site from an AARP article (I don't recall which publication.)

Wichi Dude

Seems like we have the beginning of a whole fleet out there, "Troll-ers" and "Phish-ers" "surfing" the "web", "searching" to catch unwary "blogs" and "emails" in the "net".


Thanks for the reminder! I'll be on guard and let DH know what to watch for.


WD - I've never realized how much of a "sea" the Internet is!

Cop Car

Yeah, the Phishes are making a tsunami on the internet--LOLLOL.



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