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January 24, 2005


Cop Car

But, they did eat the food with the Jell-o! I need more sleep, too. It was after 1:30 this morning when I got to sleep and I had to get up at 5:30. I'm taking my car in to be prettied up, this morning. It'll look better without the gap-toothed smile on its front end. BTW: Thanks for the smiles with which to start my day!


Um, what's a lory? And why do they like/need Jell-o? How many animals do you have, anyway? Hope no Jell-O got into the catfood!


I don't think I should have used big words in the title either - that is just horrible!

Jackie - a lory is a fruit and nectar eating bird. She gets a bit of jello in her foodto provide sugar that she would normally get from nectar.

We have 2 dogs (used to be 3), 3 cats and 2 birds (used to be 4)


Thanks for the explanation; my neighbors probably know all about lories. They have an African gray parrot who not only speaks, but lies (he blamed the macaw-type parrot in the next cage for something he obviously had done!!) and a bunch of smaller birds too.


It's time for us all to sleep in! Unfortunately I have to be up early tomorrow. I wish I could have seen Prince, eating the jello! *G*


Jackie - O'Hara has been known to say "Shut up Katie" or "Shut up Petie" (two cockatiels we had previously) - even though she was the one making the noise. I think she is confused about Birdies name, so doesn't blame noise on him!

Buffy - wish I had thought to take pictures!

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