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January 01, 2005


Wichi Dude

Isn't that so much fun. An old bud of mine moved so frequently that the cast and crew of friends got to the point that from tear-down to set-up could be done in 3 hours. And yeah, he had a lot of ssss--treasures.

Cop Car

My grandmother and step-grandfather were congenitally unable to stay in one place more than 6-10 weeks (well, it seemed that short!) I was never around to help them, since I never lived within 200 miles of them, but each time I got a card or letter it was from a different address. Maybe Karen has a congenital condition, too?

Cop Car

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Ohhhhhhh....you moved a quilter!

I don't have a huge amount of nicknacks, but my china, books and quilting stash are gonna make for some snide comments when I finally have to move. I've been thinking for some time that I should take Mother to the basement to organize HER belongings.

When we moved in 15 years ago, the house seemed enormous! Now, I wonder where we will put one more thing. Maybe it's time to join Compulsive Collectors Anonymous.

It sounds to me as though you have moving Karen down to a science. Have you thought about that type of thing as a side job?? *G*


Cop Car - HTML edited, not a problem. I don't think the moving is congenital, but maybe the collecting is!

WD - I'm hoping that this will be the last move in a while! To be fair, she did stay at one apartment for 3 years until she just couldn't take the neighbors anymore. And she only moved out of her house after her kids grew up and she no longer got child support (so couldn't afford the house payment). Then the last apartment she couldn't afford to heat (her landlord deceived her about how much that would take - $70-$90 a week to keep a place at 60, in the warm spots, is a bit much)

Buffy - we've decided if we ever move, all our stuff stays with the house (WS even says the animals too, but we would probably have to drop the price too much for that to happen - LOL).

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