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January 14, 2005


Wichi Dude

Funny you should mention that. None of our testing equipment is out of whack. They all have plenty of whack. We buy it in bulk so we never run out.
And our material is never out of tolerance. We have plenty of that also.
We are known for putting the "fun" in "disfunctional".
Can your company brag about that? Hmm, hmm? I'm waiting for an answer.

Cop Car

The first question I ask when someone tells me that something measures within tolerance: Is the instrument calibration up-to-date?
Sorry about the engineers. We tend to be that way. I'm surprised that you didn't smack them up aside of their heads to set them straight--LOL.
I completely missed where you were going. I could see you heading for an understanding of the difference between precision and accuracy. That must have been on another day.


Cop Car - Ah, but up-to-date calibration doesn't neccessarily mean that a measuring devise is still within measuring tolerances. I've had tools, on a 6 month calibration cycle, come back to me within one month of being calibrated because it was measuring "off". Just dropping the dang thing can do nasty things to the mechanical parts, not to mention that sapphire tears up tools anyway.

As far as smacking them upside the head - somehow that's just not done when you are a peon in production and are being trained by the controller (who happened to be going out with the president at the time).

Wichi Dude - I think we had a bunch of fun in the the disfunctional area. However, sometimes the tolerance ran out (we were on a budget and couldn't afford to buy too much at a time). Wackiness was never in short supply though (it's cheaper).

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