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January 28, 2005


Wichi Dude

Oh, yeah. I've been through that sort of thing myself.
I am surprised though, that the mechs gave you the short run around. When I worked at a garage, we enjoyed the women drivers more than the men. Women would come in, and for the most part, describe what was happening and let us handle it.
(ALL)The guys thought THEY were expert mechanics and TOLD us what to do. And usually HOW to do it.
Gave us all an attitude towards them. Like, if YOU know so much about this...YOU do it.
Oh, well. Wrenching happens.


Yeah, but I would think that when I am volunteering to spend a boat load of money that they would more than happy to do the work - even if it was something simpler and cheaper.

Instead, they alienated a potential long-time customer who does nothing but badmouth that garage if someone asks my opinion of the them(and I point the inquirer to a different garage that will discus options, but not ignore the wishes of the customer).


I know what you mean about some garages! After several go-arounds with Sears (they always started with talking to WD, who pointed out to them that MY car was the one with the problem and they should talk to me!), I stopped going there.

We have a great mechanic now. In fact, one of the last times I took my car in I was describing a strange sounding/feeling "clunking" noise/vibration. WD tried to put in his two cents about the problem (sometimes he just can't help himself!). Larry (the mechanic) just looked at WD and then turned back to me and said "If YOU think there is a problem in the steering/front end, that is where we will begin. After all, you are the one driving the car. You should know!"

Gotta love the guy who will give you credit for some brains!!

Cop Car

Goodness, Dudette, I met one of those guys once. (OMG--Did I just say that out loud?) Actually, it's been so long ago that I can't remember ever having a problem with a mechanic who failed to take me seriously. Now, car salesMEN are another issue. I have seen a lot of evolution among the guys over the last 60 years (and in the gals). I guess that makes me ineligible for the Kansas State Board of Education doesn't it--to believe in evolution at all!

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