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January 28, 2005



What an awful story. Research shows that doctors tend not to think "heart attack" when the patient is female—especially a young female. She would probably have grounds for a malpractice suit, assuming she wanted to go down that road. I will say a prayer for her. Good luck at your exam next week.


Thank you for thinking of her!


Bogie, I pray that Terri is recovering and has found a doctor who can actually offer her ongoing care instead of ongoing negligence. Having just been through my first exam in several years, I hope that your experience is as painless as mine.

Cop Car

You didn't ask, but my advice to any woman is to find a primary care physician who is also a woman. My experience (and it is confirmed from research) is that male doctors do not take women patients seriously. And let's face it that there are things about a man's physiology that a woman doesn't really understand at a "gut level" and things about a woman's that a man doesn't really understand at a "gut level".
Personally, the physician that I have been seeing for about 10 years, now, is the best that I've ever had--and she is the third primary care physician that I've had who was a woman. She teaches at the local medical school, so sometimes she wants to have someone else observe our appointments (and, early on, before I had even met the doctor, I was asked if it was OK if I saw a student--NO!) She doesn't pretend to know everything, she "works with" me in figuring out what's going on (granting that I might know something about my own body), and shows me pictures or text in books that explain the answers to my questions. One very important item: she is about your age and assures me that she will be there for me for some years (I tell her that she dares not retire until after I die!)
My wish for you is that you can find an intelligent physician like mine. (I'll not let her move up there!)

Cop Car

P.S. On my first visit, Dr. S. sat down with me to thoroughly cover and document my medical history. She asked if I wear my seat belt (and I'm sure that she would gently have explained why that is important if I had told her "no"), do I take calcium supplements, how is my brother's health, how is my parent's health, am I sexually active, do I get enough exercise...in addition to just asking about illnesses or surgeries I may have had.
On subsequent visits she has looked back to see her notes from the my previous visit or two and asked, "How are you doing with the...(whatever it was that we had talked about)?"
Dr. S. even "observed" and asked questions of a specialist whom she had called in to perform an in-office biopsy for me--so that she could learn from the specialist. Can you tell that she is impressive to me?


Cop Car - I'm glad you found a good primary care doctor. Even the women doctors I have had have not impressed me

Cop Car

Well, I understand that. Not every doctor is impressive be they female or male. I had one doctor who was a woman that I didn't think that much of. My physician in Albuquerque was better than the men that I'd seen, but not as good as Dr. S. Dr. S. is just so cool that I wish we could clone a bunch of her!

Millie Garfield

The longer I live the more I hear about Doctors who get it WRONG. Once in while you hear about a good one.

A few years ago I took ill in Florida (and you know what they say about Florida doctors) and was very fortunate to have a doctor who persisted because he said, "something else is going on here." After many tests he found out what my problem was. Was I lucky!



Millie - It's great when you find someone like that!

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