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January 13, 2005


Cop Car

Good deal that you got to talk to Anthony by phone, at least! I missed talking to a friend the other night because I was anxious to get out of the ARC's way at the shelter HH was helping set up here in Derby. It turned out that when I had been there, HH was the only ARC person there. Rick was among a group of church members who were hanging around after one of their get-togethers (the church was housing the shelter). I've tried to phone Rick at home to apologize for skipping out after saying "hi", but no one has answered. I'll give him another try.

Wichi Dude

Well, depending on what he throws, and how good his aim is, you may not see him next time either. You may be sprawled out on the floor doing a bear rug imitation.
Lets hope his aim is just a little off, and he brings something you like. Like maybe a beter job offer? Can't hurt.


...bet yet - why not prepare for his next visit in case he forgets to stop and say hello...practise firing staples at the backsides of your fellow workers...then next time you see a bottom that looks familiar you can grab his attention :^)...


Wichid Dude - No job offer coming from that place, they are a company of 10 people that only perform final finishing of sapphire, not grow it. I don't see that small a shop being able or willing to hire someone just for documentation or drafting.

Billy - Maybe I'll have to give that a try. Then I can practice my 'looking innocent" routine at the same time - LOL!

Cop Car - Good luck in getting a hold of Rick - must be frustrating!

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