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December 21, 2004



We lucked out and the worst of last weekend's storm missed us. We have that Brrrrrrr weather now, though. On Christmas Eve they are forecasting a high of 8. I'd almost rather have snow.

I had one package to send in the US and two to send to the UK. I was ahead of the loop this year, and seem to have gotten things to the Post Office in a timely manner. Too bad your gifts didn't show up in time. Have you considered it was the company where you placed your order, and not the USPS that was slow?


I would consider it was the companies, except it has happened thru two different companies (and actually, this isn't the first time "Priority Mail" has been lost or very late on me).

Cop Car

This should make you gnash your teeth, Bogie: This morning, HH retrieved the US mail just before Noon--including a Priority Mail envelope. I had just picked up the e-mail notifying me of shipment (time stamped 12:15:18 PM) a couple of minutes before he left the house. I had placed an online order at about 8:00 PM on New Year's Eve. Merry 2005!

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