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December 28, 2004


Wichi Dude

Comedians die for that kind of timing. Glad Amazon came to the rescue. Seems like the computer is a member of the family after a while; it gets as much attention and money spenton it as everyone else. Boy, our toys get expensive, don't they?
Glad it worked out for you. And lets hope the computer was only dirty.

Cop Car

Now that cars have become so reliable that they no longer require a lot of our attention, computers have taken over that slot. I should whine. It's been a long time since I've had computer problems that weren't actually software issues; but, my computer and iPAQ do take a lot of attention making sure that all of the software is playing nicely together and that the virus/Trojan/spyware protections are up-to-date.


I haven't had to do anything to my computer except kick Norton's every once in a while because it was behaving badly. I did have to reset my iPAQ the other day because it refused to show me info on my contacts (makes getting a phone number a bit of a problem).

other than clicking "yes" when asked if I want to update software and the few examples above, I have been blessed with a computer and software that has gone about its business with minimum input from me.

Hear that? It's me knocking on wood!


Jeeze, bogie, I didn't understand ANY of that last comment! We're networking two computers here. We have the connections made, but I suspect DH has plugged them into the wrong ports. STILL no printer connection. But we're close. I'm waiting for the IT kid to get home from Thailand and straighten us out. It's wonderful having a specialist who works for meals!

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