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December 24, 2004


Cop Car

For once, we are bettering you in coolness--it's been +4 degrees for a few hours, now. We're supposed to get sun, today, and temperatures are to rise to nearly/about 50. No snow, though, so maybe WD & Dudette will make it to Christmas dinner this year!


With no mishaps!

Wichi Dude

What? A dinner, with no snow, and no mishaps...it's all a smokescreen. Someone is plotting something new for me...probably a highjacked snowplow driven by a drunk reindeer. Or a freak sun-storm that melts all the chocolate along the way making the roads slick.
This year...I think I'll walk.

Cop Car

Forgot to let you know: Before the temperature went up into the 40s, it went down to +2 for an hour or two.

The gang all made it down here safely, this time, and we had a wonderful time. It would have been even wonderfuller had you and WS been here, but we made do--LOL.

Thanks for all of the goodies. Your father is very territorial when it comes to the Christmas quilt. Tell your friend that she did a great job and tell her that I tried to give her credit for the airplane. Everyone sends hugs back at you and WS. And lots of love.


Glad he likes the quilt!

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