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December 30, 2004


Cop Car

Tell Karen that that's what curtains/drapes are for--to stuff into the cracks around the windows. Unbelievably, that's what a desk clerk told HH and me when we complained about the windy condition in an old hotel that was housing us at a convention back in the 1960s. Needless to say, we've not gone back (of course it was probably the bathtub full of ice/beer that was keeping us so cool, hum?)


You're good friends to help. Happy New Year!


How did the move go?

Dear Husband has helped one of my nieces move twice. The last time was when she moved into a third floor apartment in Chicago. I barely made it up the three flights, and I had some concerns about DH as they brought up her furniture. I suggested to my brother that he should PAY to have her moved the next time, in return for having been absent at both those moves.

You and WS are wonderful friends to help Karen like this.
Happy New Year!

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