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December 25, 2004



...back atcha :^)...

Cop Car

Ah, we can't get ahead of that Billy, can we, Bogie? The time differential helps! Merry Christmas to everyone from Hunky Husband and Cop Car.
(We're just waiting for the sweet rolls to rise enough to put into the oven. It is a Christmas and New Years tradition at our house to have rolls made from the recipe given me back in the mid-1950s by a cook at a sundries store--a drug store without a prescription counter for you youngsters out there.
When I was in undergraduate school, my "treat" for the week was walking down to Tucker's Sundries to buy a Sunday newspaper, a sweet roll (huge! for 15 cents), and a cup of Constant Comment tea. Life didn't get any better than that!)

Dax Montana

Murry Chrismas to you an yorn!

Just Damn!


I still have ten minutes to make it before Christmas Day has passed here. Merry Christmas, Bogie! We hope you and WS have the best of new years!

Cinnamon rolls, hmmmmmmmm?? BOY, does that sound good!

Cop Car

Ah, but, Buffy--no one mentioned cinnamon (at least, not in MY comment). There is no cinnamon involved. Just raisings, pecans, and (if you don't mind the cholesterol impact) butter. The only sugar is in the dough and the glaze (which I use sparingly, because too much sugar spoils the taste for me, and HH piles on because he says there's no such thing as too much sugar!)


Cop CAr - I was ahead of Billy, I got to his blog 1st!

Buffy - understandable mistake, most people associate Cinnamon rolls with sweet rolls, but not in our family!

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