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December 24, 2004


Cop Car

I hear you. It's your fault for the same reason that a dirty house is always the woman's fault--or the unironed clothes--or the unmade meals--ad nauseum. Happily, HH takes part in all of those chores (well, except the cooking part), but anyone who doesn't know this still assumes that I've fallen down on the job if something is late being performed. Since WS's co-workers assume that the cards are your responsibility, it's only fair that you be allowed to assume that they are unthinking jackasses.


Heh. I agree. It is the same with thank you notes being not only obligatory, but also "the wife's job."

We ended up not getting around to those until it came time for Christmas, so we combined them with Christmas cards. We both worked on it, and it wouldn't have all been done otherwise. Ended up sending 54 cards, probably half with thank you notes, and several more cards for clients.

People are funny.


misogynist pigs?


...feel free to assume that the reason you didn't get a card from us here is because I'm a bit crap :^)...

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