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November 28, 2004


Cop Car

I like your title (Rock On!), Bogie. Your photos are great, but seeing all of the granite in person is even more awe inspiring than the photoes. Thanks for the posting. I'll send the photo of your fledgling addition's progress to HH.


Good God!

My parents retired to Stone County, Missouri about the time I graduated from college and was married. I visited in the summer each year, but I didn't come to understand how truly the county was named until I spent almost two years with them. Both my parents liked to garden. Mother would order plants and hand them to my Dad to plant.

I helped him while I was there, and discovered that every time you put a shovel into the ground you move two rocks that had been mating, and uncover their brood below. But I have to tell you.....these were stones...NOT BOULDERS!

I'm not sure that I want to think about the work you and WS have done. How long have you been at it?? I really liked the color in one of the driveway pictures. You live in a beautiful place, Bogie, but you have to be hardy to deal with all those rocks!


This would be about 15 years worth of work (some years have seen more work than other years).

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