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November 26, 2004


Cop Car

We had a wonderful time at Wichi Dude's and Dudette's wrestling with them, Crazy Kid, and Chew for the food (you can imagine that it was NOT in short supply!) Dudette did her standard bang-up job of producing the whole show, making it look as though it were all accomplished by wiggling her nose (how does she doe that? Accomplish--not wiggle her nose!) For the last few minutes before the food was actually set on the table, WD and I hid in the dining room to keep out of the line of fire while Hunky Husband carved on the turkey. I was still stuffed this morning.

CK was a little surprised by the pretty rock. She wasn't quite sure why she got it, at first. (Just see if we give HER any more pretty rocks--LOL!)


I'll just start sending her coal for Christmas, then she can't complain about pretty rocks!

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