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November 26, 2004


Cop Car

S/he probably has a multi-band transceiver, with an antenna for each frequency band. Another possibility is that s/he operates on only two bands, but has separate antennae for transmitting and receiving (this didn't used to be unusual, but I wouldn't think it would be very popular today.) The length of the antenna must be cut to the appropriate length in order to transmit/receive efficiently; so, if one operates on different bands, they may need different antennae. (Switching from one antenna to another should take nothing more than turning a knob!) The most effecient antenna is a length that is a multiple of 1/4 of the wavelength being transmitted/received. (Probably, if it's a guy, he just thinks antennae are coool!)
Yore Ham Mamma
P.S. Someone has been signing my call to comments s/he is leaving on public forums. The latest that I have seen was posted approximately one year after I got my original call back (issued in 1955 and re-issued in 2001). I can actually remember this call without thinking, something that I never accomplished with the two intervening calls that were issued to me!
P.P.S. Too bad you weren't around to see the antenna that I had strung across my room in college. I operated on 10-meters, so the antenna wasn't very long and I suspended it at either end by attaching to a curtain rod with velvet ribbon!! Thank your lucky stars for ham radio. Without it, you wouldn't exist, since your dad and I met "on the air".


See, I knew that you could make sense out of this for me!


Maybe I saw this guy on the road. He'd be a couple of hours away from his usual haunts, but that's not unusual in NH.


Sorry to say I wasn't in the neighborhood, Bogie. But Cop Car is probably right. Depending upon the color of the Volvo (was it gold in color?), I probably know the fellow it belongs to. He has capabilities to transmit and receive "from DC to Daylight", and roams around New Hampshire on a regular basis.


I thought it was a white car, but it was dusk so it might have been another light color.

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