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October 11, 2004



The two of you are SO industrious! We've been lazing our way through early Fall. We haven't had our hard frost yet, so I expect to be cutting back the gardens one day when we've had four feet of snow.

I hope you don't have raccoons. They WILL eat a bowl clean, or at least ours did.


And now you and the WS know why they call New Hampshire "The Granite State".

"The one thing that we grow in abundance here in N'Hampsha is rocks......"


And they are a much more dependable crop that anything I've ever planted in my vegetable garden!


...I read a book once - it was blue...


Nice blog! My english is shit (i'm portuguese) but i can see that your blog is really interesting! Congratulations!


Billy - your job was to get kids to read books - not actually read yourself.

Buffy - I read about your saga with the coons (at least I'm pretty sure it was you) and don't want to end up in the same boat!

Primo - That's okay, my knowledge of your language is non-existant. Couldn't read a thing on your blog (except Starsky and Hutch). Nice pictures though.


I'm learning the fine art of splitting and stacking wood myself - it's fun - but the key part I'm learning is to figure out which way the wood is going to split - one way and it's going to safely fly off onto the ground - the WRONG way and it's going to split and one or both sides are gonna fly up and take out kneecaps! OUCH! :-)

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