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October 26, 2004


Wichi Dude

I agree with your view that Godsmack put on a better show. I am glad that the sound quality of Metallica was better. And I am also glad you heard things the same way I did, every song started sounding like the one before it. I had a hard time telling where one song ended and the next started.
Sounds like you had fun though.


Had a great time!


...don't tell me you went to see adam and the ants all those years ago as well :^)...


I'll set your mind at easy Billy, nope, no Adam and the Ants for me.

Cop Car

Would that be Adam and the "Atomic" Ants that you besmirch? (Not that I care...it's just a name to me...having happened a year or so after my time!)


I have no idea if they are the same.

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