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October 24, 2004


Cop Car

Egads, cabin fever this early in the season? (I can only attribute your atrocious humor to cabin fever--LOL.) Your winterizing chores are never-ending, aren't they?
I could take some of your cool air. Had to open this windows to cool the house down--and it's still 75 degrees in here at 3:30 AM! HH says it's supposed to be above average in temperature for the next couple of weeks. Send cool!

Cop Car

Thanks! When I (again) arose (at 8:00), it was 48 degrees outside. Now the furnace thinks that it should be doing something. You really filled that request quickly. What a gal!


I am freaking out too, wondering how we are going to get everything done in the yard and gardens. Where did the summer go? How did the fall fly by so fast? I dread setting the clocks back next week.


Bogie, we're thinking along the same lines, but you are MUCH further into getting your list whittled down. I haven't even started putting the gardens to bed, but I think tomorrow is the day! I do my cutting back and mulching in the fall, so that the bulbs have a clean bed to decorate. I'll wait to prune back the sage, but the oregano, winter savory, lemon balm and day lilies will get cut back, and all the annual herbs will be removed. If I'm lucky, I might be able to save the rosemary and the pineapple mint to winter over in the house.

I don't know where the time has gone. Next you know....it will be summer, and we'll wonder where the winter went.


Cop Car - Maybe we did a heat exchange deal - it is supposed to get in the mid 50's today (although we had another heavy frost this morning). Hey - you didn't like my going slightly mad there?

Jackie - The clock re-setting I could go for (if only for that extra hour of sleep). However, the sun isn't out nearly long enough - of course it's hard to tell with all the cloud cover!

Buffy - I may wonder where the winter went but I surely won't miss shoveling snow by the time the season is done!

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