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October 31, 2004


Cop Car

Glad you and WS had such a wonderful evening. Gee, even I remember Pink Floyd and The Wall--not that I remember the music, just the album cover. (BTW: What does it mean in current musical jargon when they talk about someone having done a "cover"?) Seems to me that you got that album when you were in Jr or Sr High?? HH and I may even have bought it for you, but I wouldn't make book on that.


...doing a *cover* means that they aren't doing an original song - they are *covering* someone else's song...over here the charts of full of winners/losers from a programme called pop idol or manufactured groups who just sing songs that were hits in the 70/80/90's :^)...


Billy is absolutely right - the band we went to see is a "cover band" (although they are also a "tribute band" since they only cover Pink Floyd songs).

Yes Cop Car, you bought me that album when I was in Sr. High (Birthday or Christmas present).


...billy also has a friend who plays in a pink floyd tribute band :^)...oddly enough he plays the sax, which I don't remember any of the original members playing :^)...
...they actually dd a world tour that took them through america and canada and skegness - they passed through skegness three days before we moved there :^(...

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