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October 05, 2004


Wichi Dude

Don't hurry on our account, I know the coast is a great place with better sights to see. One of these days, WE, need to get up THERE.
Glad everyone enjoyed the visit, even if the weather didn't cooperate.
I'm sure we'll hear all about the trip in short time.
Next time, invite them out to Sturgis. hehe


heck....I only get ONE day with them!

I'm glad you had such a good time, weather not withstanding. I was snoozing when Cop Car handed out the travel schedules, so I didn't realize our visit was on the return trip. We may have some color to share with them, but none of the gorgeous hills and mountains you have. I'm hoping for clear weather.

Did you send me a jar of salsa??


I sent 2 jars! Well, er, um, I actually sent two jars with Cop Car for her to take home. Tell her I will send her more if she'll give you some (it's a nice medium-hot; made with jalapeno peppers only - no serranos or Thai Hots to make it fiery).

Cop Car

THIS is the posting/are the comments that Buffy has been referencing!
1. Had the colors been any more brilliant, we should have been struck blind. You have to spring these things on us gradually to avoid the shock to Kansas-atuned eyes.
2. Knowing that you and your WS are the souls of generosity, it occurred to me that I should have asked you about my sharing salsa with Buffy. So I did it! In addition (and I'm fairly sure that I didn't tell you this), I had already planned to present Buffy with a small jar of the salsa that Elegant Friend and I had canned, to present her mother with the aroma therapy citrus-scented hand soap, and to present Buffy's Dear Spouse with a "Non Sequiter" cartoon explaining some intricacies of physics (he had wanted me to explain string theory to him--up to which I am not, of course!) These were to be wrapped in little finger-tip towels for the kitchen and placed in the ceramic basket that you may recall my mother used to keep her scissors/pencils/etc handy.
I told Buffy that the basket (made by an old friend and neighbor of Mother's) was the family treasure that she would be charged with guarding. However, Buffy's Elegant Mother appropriated the basket. I'll be anxiously awaiting word of what BEM does with it. I think that she had an evil thought on her mind--LOL.

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