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October 23, 2004


Cop Car

Since chickens are infamous for what they do in their water, I can't imagine that Deb actually thought that the chickens were set for the duration. But, it might be worse if I accused her of "forgetting", huh? Anyway, the rooster did his part by letting you know that the chicken coop was occupied. I'm sure that Deb will be happy that you did (more than) your part!


The watering system was such that they really couldn't do anything in their water, but they could certaily tip it over so it drained all the water out.

They obviously haven't had the chickens long (it's been about a month since I last took care of their animals), but this is the time of year I take care of their animals the most - so she might have thought I had already been there since they got the chickens. Who knows?

Anyway, everything turned out fine, and that is the most important part!

Cop Car

Glad that it did turn out well. BTW: You need to 'splain to Buffy about the term "spring chicken". This comes to mind because your client is rather late in getting chickens in--but--I assume that her chickens are not biddies. We always got our biddies in March, as I recall.


If I had a clue what a biddie was, I would be happy to explain it. If it means a "Layer", then I can't say definitely one way or the other. I know the food I found and gave to them was for layers.

They could very well have taken someone else's chickens for all I know. Or, as tehy do the sheep, they might be raising chickens for slaughter. It's hard to tell with these people (and I don't actually talk to them very often).

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