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October 20, 2004



There will be high spirits at work today - I see the Red Sox beat the Yankees in game 7.

Cop Car

Amazing that you could dredge up the names, but you always had a good memory!!
The only teams that I've seen play (in person) are the Kansas City Blues (doesn't that date me?!) and the Wichita Wranglers. I froze my butt off twirling (as in: baton--I was 11 or 12) at a Blues game (the only reason that I went--and I doubt that we stayed after the 7th inner stretch) and left nearly immediately after eating at the Wranglers game (we had taken CK to a company-sponsored event.) We didn't stay for the Wranglers game because the sound system was set at a painful level (even with earplugs! and CK had none.)


I grew up in New England and was raised by my dad to be a Red Sox fan. That has meant 30 years of heartbreak, not to mention humiliation, once I moved to New York and then out here to a part of Pennsylvania that is still within reach of the city of the Yanks. I couldn't watch the game last night; couldn't bear to go through it all again. But I peeked at the very end of the evening to find that our boys had finally done it. Go, Sox!

Cop Car

Jackie--You Red Sox fans are amazing. I'll be rooting for you!

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