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September 28, 2004



OMG!!! The basement! I've been so busy looking at the first floor and gardens, moaning that I'll never get them cleaned up in time, that I completely forgot about the basement! Well...there's an easy way to resolve THAT! I'm going out to get new locks for the doors tomorrow!

Heck....they're YOUR parents, and I'M going crazy trying to clean the house!

I'm glad you've managed to get a jump on all this so you'll have a great time when Cop Car and HH show up. DOn't worry, Bogie....they'll have a good time, no matter what!


A door, a door - I wonder if I can get one framed in and up within the next couple of hours!

Hey Buffy - they are now your (blog) relatives too. I tried to warn you about the adoption thing, but would you listen. Nooooo.

Cop Car

How in the world can so much effort be set off by a little thing like Hunky Husband's and my announcing our intentions to visit? I cannot believe all of this!!! Not only did I leave my string bikini at home...I left my white gloves (as if I owned any!) Not once did I look to see if there was a spec of dirt somewhere. Not once did I look to check for cobwebs or window streaks. Folks...that just "ain't" my thing. If I do it to you, you may do it to me...and I just couldn't pass muster. Both of your houses looked GREAT! Had they not, I would not have cared! Thanks for caring enough to make the effort, but I would have loved seeing you just as much...well...maybe not--I didn't see what you started with, did I? LOL
If we are vying for dirt, though, I hope that you consider the 1/2-inch of "fuzz" that habitually bedecks each horizontal surface in HH's den/workout room. In addition, while we were gone, CK stayed at our house some nights and, evidently, for whatever reason removed the plastic hangers that are ALWAYS on the rod above the washer and dryer in the laundry room. I noticed, while looking at the empty rod in wonder, that there was also 1/2-inch of "fuzz" on it. I flipped a towel from the laundry over the rod, moving it from side-to-side to get the dust, but (unfortunately) at that point noticed the cobwebs in the corners between the cabinets and the wall--above the rod. I'm not tall enough. The cobwebs are still there!


(sigh) It's never-ending! The day before you came, I found cobwebs in the kitchen, and the day after you left, I found even more!

I think we clean for friends more than we clean for ourselves. I know that doesn't make sense, but we seem to do it anyway. Thanks for giving me a head start on the Fall cleaning. Now I'll have less to worry about at Thanksgiving.

I've heard about the fuzz in HH's den. He's tall. Let him help you out in the laundry room, since he's not cleaning in the den! lol

Cop Car

Buffy--HH is like my mother who always said, "A dustrag doesn't fit my hand!"


I know you don't look for it, but it seems to jump out at me when I know family is coming to visit (our friends are used to the mess, and some have a bigger mess on a regular bassis, so I don't worry about them). Anyway, as I said, it forces me to do some of the stuff that I find all too many excuses not to do!

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