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September 24, 2004


Wichi Dude

Yeah, yeah, yeah, you're just jealous. The resale value on mine will still be high LONG from now.
But at least you're getting your money's worth out of it.

Cop Car

Bogie, please tell WS that HH and I are terribly sorry that he has the crud. I'm assuming that the physician said that pneumonia wasn't catching, because I would have thought (there I go trying to make believe that I have a brain) that a pneumococcal infection could be spread from person to person. Not that I've ever known anyone who caught it from another. We can change our plans if WS would be inconvenienced by current plans.
P.S. I got a pneumonia shot at my last physical.


...well, if it ain't contagious then someone needs to look at the working conditions - especially if another person goes down with it...
...give him my best - I would have nipped out and bought a *get well soon* card but I hate the way the person in the shop just doesn't care :^)...


WD - You're right, mine won't have a bit of resale value when it's time to get another one!

CC - WS mentioned to the doc that someone else in the shop had just had pneumonia and the doc said it wasn't catching. It's an opportunist that takes advantage of when the immune system is not up to snuff. This makes sense for the other guy becuase he had lukemia and went thru chemotherepy a couple of months ago.

And by the way - no need to change your plans, he should be mending well by the time you get here.

Billy - The working conditions are pretty good for a steel shop. The culprit is probably that they have been working a lot with galvanized steel and welding or grinding it sends really nasty stuff into the air (they have a ventilation system but it can't protect those that are right on top of the steel while they are welding/grinding). Additionally, the Wonderful Spouse has been about as sleep-deprived as I have been lately. Not a good combination!

Cop Car

Billy--Uh-huh, there you go cross-pollinating within the family blogsphere. If you're not careful we shall do to you what we did to Buffy by voting you into our extended family!! Just consider the expense of attending our family reunions.


...can I *back claim* b'day pressies :^)...

Cop Car

Fat chance, Billy! Family membership entails "obligations" rather than "privileges". I'll give you points for trying, though. *Giggles & Grins*


Ruh roh....I missed this post! First....WS...I hope you're feeling better. P-numonia is nothing to sniffle at..... (sorry, I couldn't help myself)

And...er....does that mean billy and I will be related? Could you be a little more specific about what that relationship is? Maybe BlogBrudder, or sumpin.

Cop Car

Buffy--Billy will be your brother-in-blog--although...I do like your BlogBrudder. Brudder-in-blog? E-gads! Just think what Elder Brother will say when I send him the new additions for our family tree.


I leave my blog for 1 day - Just 1 day and look what happens to it! LOL

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