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July 22, 2004


Cop Car

OK. How many of you plan to go over in a barrel? Have a fabulous trip and it's about time you got to do something just for fun!

Wichi Dude

Ornery Varmints. At least that is what Yosemite Sam says.
Have a great trip to the falls.


I was willing to parasail, but I'll pass on the barrel, thank you very much!

Our chipmunks tend to relocate bulbs for us. One year I actually created boxes out of hardware cloth and buried the tulips and crocus in them. Now, I need to remove the rusted remains of the boxes. I don't have to give the bulbs any iron now.

I find crocus, dill, catnip, perennial cornflowers, rudbeckia and iris in the oddest places. The chippies must not like my sense of order.


Buffy - It's weird that my chipmunks won't touch the iris (never have), but yours are more than willing to.

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