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July 29, 2004


Wichi Dude

Really. HAve WS's hearing checked. He may have a "blind" spot in the range of the detector. I know I've developed spots in ranges over the years. It's weird, "the sound is there, it's gone, no, it's back", kind of thing.
Worth checking out. They make detectors in different ranges because of this.


Some of them beep when the battery is getting low, so yours may need replacing.

Cop Car

Bogie, our detectors (as Rita noted) beep when they think they need new batteries. All of that work around steel works and heavy equipment has probably given WS a notch. Your dad has one (probably from jet engines) and I have a lesser one (probably from flying crop duster aircraft without ear plugs). Unfortunately, I can still hear HH's snoring (which is eminating from his recliner just now!)


I would think it was the batteries, except these are hooked into the electrical system (have to be by building code). Although they do have battery backups, these detectors and batteries have only been up since April, when WS replaced the old ones.

I've been thinking that a bug crawled into one of them and blocked the sensor (all 3 are tied together so if one goes off, they all go off). I will be checking them out today.

WS had his hearing checked a couple of years ago and he is definitely losing his hearing. I didn't know that they made detectors in different ranges, I'll have to see if I can find some with a different tone (and make WS's day by making him put new ones in again).

Cop Car

Our detectors, too, are tied into the electrical system; but, they still let us know about the battery state. Once while HH was doing his Red Cross thing out of town, the detector chirped, so I removed the battery to shut it up until HH got back (replacing batteries is his "thing"). An hour later, it chirped, again. Oops! I'd removed the battery from the wrong one. I removed the battery from the 2nd detector. An hour later, we go through the same thing. With 4 detectors in the house, I have no problem hearing them, but my direction finding equipment is apparently faulty because I have a hard time figuring out which is chirping (especially since the chirping is intermittent). At any rate, the chirping detectors are less annoying than our battery backup sump pump. Whenever the power goes off (and sometimes for no apparent reason what soever), the battery backup system screeches in a high pitch that exactly matches the frequency of my tinnitus. After the first 30 milliseconds, I can no longer tell whether the sump pump system is screeching or not--and it is really piercing!

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