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June 27, 2004



Around here (NE Pennsylvania), the hummingbird antics get much more intense in the late summer-early fall. The children are more mature and we begin to see aerial acrobatics and dogfights as the hummers (it seems) establish a new pecking order. We have 4 feeders; I adore watching the little birds and always feel so sad when suddenly they depart for the winter.

Wichi Dude

And all this time I thought you got your entertainment from cable.
You need to get some pictures.

Da Goddess

I've had several hummingbirds not afraid of me...and they let me sit within a couple of feet of them. A couple have actually come over and perched on the arm of my chair. It's such a special moment when that happens!


WD - I think any pictures would look pretty much like the two I put up last year - very blurry.

Goddess - out here in the country, the birds tend to be much more shy than those that live in the city.

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