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June 24, 2004


Cop Car

Sounds like you might get what you really want, Bogie. Great! Sales rooms/lots just don't seem to stock standard transmissions. Unlike you, when I was looking at the Lincoln, I took a chance by ordering the car without having driven the standard transmission. I had seen a customer's car (my mechanic showed me one that he was working on) and driven the automatic. A few weeks later (it was the end of the production year and I had to wait on them to start production for the next year), I was quite pleasantly surprised. This transmission is the smoothest of any standard transmission that I've driven (it is the full standard--not the shift up/shift down that is available on newer Lincoln LSs). Same goes for the braking system, although, that wasn't an issue. I've not driven such a smooth braking system!


The only reason I even want to make sure of the standard, is because of my experience with the Mazda; the gear shift was about 3" off the floor, not on a console(so I had to lean way over), and my elbow hit the back of the seat every time I shifted into 2nd and 4th. So, I decided I better make sure on this vehicle!

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