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May 31, 2004


Cop Car

No, it isn't salsa and cheese, it's taco meat!

For breakfast and lunch (whether HH is at home or not) I nuke some old fashioned oatmeal (1/2 cup mixed with 2 tsp creamer, 1 tsp Splenda, raisins, cinnamon, & 1/2 cup water) in a Grabbit for 99 seconds. I can measure out 2 or 3 meals' worth of all but the water into small plastic containers (that need only occasional washing since I just put the same stuff in them next time) and stow them in the cabinet (with lids, of course). I wash the Grabbit after each meal, stashing it in the dish drainer with the measuring cup that I use for the water.

HH's breakfast is usually a bowl of fruity, nutty dry cereal in milk, with V-8 juice and a Trailmix bar. I leave his lunch in a Grabbit in the frig that he merely needs to nuke. Usually, he has tiny carrots with whatever was in his Grabbit, and often I leave a small container of fruit or cobbler atop his Grabbit for him. HH's favorite lunch is spaghetti, so I fix a couple of pounds of spaghetti meat (crumbled--not balled), spread out in a jellyroll pan, freeze, then store in a plastic bag in the freezer. That way I just cook up some spaghetti, place it in 2 or 3 Grabbits, top with meat, top with sauce, and put one on HH's tray in the frig (the other goes in the freezer).
When HH is out of town, dinner consists of "cleaning out the frig"--whatever is there. Often, "whatever is there" is wrapped in a tortilla, then wrapped in waxed paper & nuked for 44 seconds. This usually involves salsa & cheese (but not taco meat). Ah, yes, dinner is easy when we're on our own, isn't it?

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