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May 28, 2004


Cop Car

I'm having a hard time visualizing an ironing board that drops down along the long end. It would seem to me that this would keep one from draping pants, shirts, etc across the board. [Now, about the olden days: my Great Grandmother Sweet just set up a couple of chairs (about 2 1/2 feet apart), laid a 2 x 12 from the back of one chair to the other, threw an old sheet that had been folded many times around it (safety-pinned in place), and ironed away.] Of course, if your back is strong, you can iron on your bed--as many of us have done when on the road (before motels started supplying irons and boards!) Good Luck, Bogie. (I just bought a pint-sized board from a thrift store, to put in my sewing room. First order of business was to tear it all apart and clean it up. What did I expect to do for $2??)


I've been ironing on the kitchen counters - which means there is no draping anyway. I don't have an outlet close enough to the bed (or the bed isn't close enough to an outlet) for the iron to reach. And no, I'm not getting out a 20' extension cord to iron for 3 minutes a day!

Da Goddess

Try Ikea. Or The Container Store. Both of them are set up for living in tight spaces.


My idiot dog would occasionally hop the fence and wander for a couple hours before returning home. It never failed whenever he returned home from his inspection tour he would always come in through the front door and head directly to the back door to be let out.
It was as though he came home to use the bathroom even though he had been out for the past two hours.
I guess I should have taken him to a dog psychic to find out what he was thinking. The only problem is that I don't he ever did think.


Randy - that reminds me that one of my cats, Indy, does the same thing (not jumping the fence or anything like that), but she does run straight to the cat box after she has been let in. The other 2 cats go outside instead of using the cat box.


Dogs in pens... my theory would be they veiw the pen as their living space, and would rather use the yard thank-you-very-much.

I know that when I put my tie-out trained chihuahua in his brand new yard, it took him the longest time to make realize it wasn't just an extention of the living room, and he could do his business out there.


Our previous dogs went in the pen - actually these two do also as I have to clean up every couple of weeks. They use the backside of the pen (the part that faces the undisturbed woods) so that they can use the rest of the area to keep an eye on the neighbors.

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